Article Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming a writer for ToolScorer, we are always after quality articles. If you would like to contribute an article please follow the steps below.


Document Structure

Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (800-1000 words approx. in body text). They should be written from an objective viewpoint and convey valuable how-to content (ie actionable tips, practical advice and useful know-how) in a straightforward , clear and professional manner. Ie One that suits professional marketing standards. If in doubt please check our currently published articles for guidance.


Articles Accepted for Publication

We will inform you via email if your article has been accepted for publication; we will endeavour to contact you within a week from having reviewed your initial email. In the case that your article is not chosen for publication you may not hear from us depending on how busy our inbox is.


Articles Accepted for Publication will be edited for clarity and conciseness to conform to the ToolScorer standard. We may in some cases need to change the title so providing a few alternative headings would be ideal.



If you are interested in joining a community of marketing contributors please follow the below guidelines which are critical to ensuring that your article is a contender for publishing;

  • Articles need to be your own unique work i.e. not taken from someone elses work

  • Articles need to offer the audience actionable tips, practical/clear advice and useful know-how/takeaways

  • Please ensure that you have an account with us and that your profile is at least 80% complete and available to the public view.

  • Submit articles in word format (no PDFs will be accepted)

  • If your article mentions businesses or companies that you have  a vested interest in you must disclose this to the audience

  • The author retains copy right but ToolScorer may republish you article with full attribution to the author

  • We do not pay guest contributors for their occasional contributions but provide exposure through our audience


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